Security regulations

In accordance with global regulations, hand luggage of all passengers must be inspected before entering the pre-boarding area.


-No drink no matter where its origin.
-Animals that might pose some risk (cats, dogs, etc.).
-Sports weapons.
-Pointed weapons with dangerous boarders and sharp objects (knitting needles, hypodermic needles, metal cutlery, etc.).
-Blunt instruments (baseball bats, golf clubs, fishing rods, etc.).
-Liquids, gels or creams in quantities over 100 milliliters in the hand luggage.
-These substances can be carried in quantities under 100 milliliters in a transparent sealed plastic bag, that does not measure more than 20 cm by 20 cm.

*Purchases made in the Duty Free Shop are exempt from this regulation. They will be sealed and delivered at the time of boarding.

For more information enter the National Air Police webpage: http://pan.fau.mil.uy 

The following elements cannot be transported, not on board nor in checked-in luggage:

- Explosives
- Flammables, combustibles
- Compressed gases
- Weapons
- Radioactive substances
- Poisons, corrosive substances, infectious substances

*Weapons may be dispatched in hold luggage with a declaration to the airline at the time of checking in.

Related Information

Forbidden Items

List of forbidden items in carry-on baggage and checked luggage in accordance with what is established by the civil aviation organization and aeronautic infrastructure.
Source: www.dinacia.gub.uy

Useful Information

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