Our CSR policy is based on aligning the economic objectives and the development of the company with principles promulgated for Corporate Social Responsibility. In this way we intend to reach concrete goals that direct our actions in this sense, all the time working more so that CSR is present in all the decisions and actions that we undertake.

• Promote the personal and professional development of the collaborators forming a suitable working environment.

• Generate practices that preserve the environment.

• Generate honest and lasting links with groups of interest that will benefit all parties.

• Contribute to the community through actions aimed at supporting education.

• Bring culture closer to Uruguayans through various, high impact,  artistic disciplines.


About us

In Carrasco Airport we are privileged witnesses of all the experiences behind the incomparable experience of flying. We are committed to providing our passengers the best travel experience, with the highest standard of quality, with strategic actions that contribute to sustainable development and whose focus is centered on social responsibility.

General information

On December 29, 2009, with the arrival of the first flight from Brazil, the New Carrasco Airport began to be operational. In this way a great work was completed, which without doubt is and will be the pride of all Uruguayans.