Discover the airport from within

Discover the airport from within

Carrasco airport opens its doors to invite you to a unique experience.

Airportour is a journey in which you will be able to seeand know the airport´s dinamycs and inner workings, and more.

You will visit the platform, meet the aircraft upfront and close, and discover all the details behind curtains that make thousands of    traveller´s journeys possible.


Limited spots (12 spots por tour)

Dates: Saturdays and Sundays at 14.30 hs.

Duration:2 hs

Cost per person: $300 uruguayan pesos (parking included)

Book your place at: 

Email: serviciosalpasajero@aeropuertodecarrasco.com.uy 

Whatsapp: (+598) 911 14 061


Booking each week until noon, Friday before each tour.

Youmust carry an id card.

Presentyourself at our meeting point close to Customer Service.

Withyour visit you will contribute with education.


All proceedings will be donated to Asociación Civil América - Cimientos Uruguay, an organization that seeks to promote equal educational opportunities in young people from vulnerable context that take class in public educational center in Montevideo and Canelones.

For more information: www.cimientos.org